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During this time there will be outages for all websites, dns and emails.

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No IP Addresses or settings including passwords will change during this process. Please contact our support staff for more information.

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We are re-creating our TeamSpeak 3 client connection tutorial with screenshots to replace the old and outdated server. If you need any general support please contact support ausnetservers.

During this time we ask that you be patient as we install some new core routers to handle our increased network load. Once these upgrades are completed we will be peering with 2 new upstream providers to offer you a better service experience During this outage our call centre will be closed by you can still get in contact with us via support tickets from within your account.

We are working as hard as we can to get all our customers back online.

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If you notice anything strangre or not working please let our network operations centre know as soon as possible. We are noticing that the responce times on the web server cluster for page load times is being effected due to the high server load.

Статус сервера - Aus Net Servers Australia Pty Ltd

We are currently working on this as we speak. Hi Guys, We are preparing our website and client area to be moved to its own server. During the window specified above there will be small outages.

Please stay tuned for further updates. We expect downtime of up to 30 minutes whilst this is move is in progress.

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Once the move has been completed your new server host name will that of what is in the table below All your customisations and files stored on your server will be on the new server, your port name and security settings will also stay the same.

Our upstream provider is upgrading its core network.

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We expect short to moderate outages during this window Resolution: They are awesome to deal with, and I highly recommend more. When looking at your server now Support?

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All our plans are targeted to bigger sites and small businesses a lot of memory, processing power and root-level access OpenVZ VPS plans Личный кабинет Личный кабинет позволит Вам управлять подписками на материалы сайта, смотреть историю заказов, а так же получать бонусы и подарки от JHBP. Подписка Личный кабинет позволит Вам управлять подписками на материалы сайта, смотреть историю заказов, а так же получать бонусы и подарки от JHBP.

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