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This shall not apply if the Customer is not responsible for the return of payment. Otherwise, the Customer is free to provide proof that no loss was incurred by EuroVPS or that the loss is significantly lower than the fixed amount. Conversely, EuroVPS is entitled to provide proof of a higher loss.

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In the case of contracts in relation to a domain, the minimum term is generally one year. If the contract is not terminated or is not terminated in line with the notice period, it shall be extended each time by the minimum term, however for no more than one year automatic contract extension.

Unless otherwise agreed, the notice period for contracts with a minimum term of up to one year shall be 4 weeks and for contracts with a minimum term of one year or more, the notice period shall be 3 months. As a rule, termination is required in text form e. The right to terminate this contract prematurely for cause shall remain unaffected. In particular, cause exists for EuroVPS if the Customer is in default for an amount of one monthly payment for more than 4 weeks or in default for a lesser sum for more than 6 weeks.

Cause for premature termination also exists for EuroVPS if the Customer significantly or repeatedly breaches other obligations under the contract, in particular following a warning by EuroVPS.

The Customer is aware that the expenses and costs for the provision of storage space, servers or parts thereof will be included in the fee and minimum term.

The Customer is also aware that the expenses and costs of EuroVPS in the case of domains are almost exclusively incurred due to their registration and extension. If this involves the fee for a domain, the full amount up to the actual end of the term is due, regardless of whether the minimum term of the contract has already been reached. This shall not apply if the Customer is not responsible for the cause for which EuroVPS terminates the contract prematurely. Otherwise, the Customer is free to provide proof that no loss has been incurred by EuroVPS or that the loss is significantly lower than the calculated amount.

This means that web pages, emails and other data which the Customer has saved on the EuroVPS servers will be deleted. This means that they will expire and will be deleted or returned to the competent registration body. The Customer is aware that the respective domain may be permanently lost if a third party registers this following the deletion or return.

However, prior to the end of the contract, the Customer has the option of transferring its domains to another provider transfer.

If a domain is transferred to another provider, the Customer shall apply to EuroVPS for this in good time in text form, i. If this co-operation does not take place or does not take place in good time, with the result that the domain remains with EuroVPS beyond the end of the term, the domain will be charged to the Customer for a further year. This shall not apply if the Customer is not responsible for the lack of timely co-operation. Otherwise, the Customer is free to provide proof than no loss has been incurred by EuroVPS or that the loss is significantly lower than the calculated amount.

The Customer shall be responsible for all actions carried out under the said login data. This shall not apply if the respective action was carried out by an unauthorised third party without the Customer being responsible for such, in particular where the Customer has complied with its confidentiality and protection obligation in a proper manner. Prior to saving all data which it stores on the EuroVPS servers, the Customer shall make a back-up copy.

Data which is altered on the EuroVPS servers or which is initially created there shall also be backed up by the Customer at regular intervals. The backups themselves may not be stored on the EuroVPS servers. In the case of a co-location contract where the Customer sets up its own hardware in the EuroVPS IT centre, the Customer shall issue EuroVPS with a contractual right of lien in relation to the hardware which has been set up.

To this extent, the Customer is responsible for taking out any insurance. In all cases, the Customer shall take out liability insurance which covers personal injury, property damage and financial losses caused by the Customer or its hardware in the EuroVPS IT centre with a sum insured of at least EUR 1 million one million euros.

The Customer is solely responsible for the maintenance of its hardware. Except in the case of co-location, EuroVPS is entitled to carry out changes to the server configuration, if these become necessary from a technological or legal point of view or are otherwise required due to technological progress.

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However, such an alteration shall not limit the contractual scope of service. EuroVPS shall inform the Customer in good time of pending alterations, if these have noticeable effects on the Customer. The Customer is obliged to carry out alterations on its part which become necessary, provided that this is reasonable. The Customer is only able to have physical access to the servers in the EuroVPS computer centre in the case of co-location. At the time of agreeing on the date and time, the persons who are to have access to the hardware for the Customer must be named.

The persons must be able to verify their identity by means of official photo ID. In the case of co-location and server hosting, the Customer is solely responsible for the installation and configuration of the operating system, the server services and other software. In the case of managed hosting, the Customer will be provided with a system which has been pre-configured by EuroVPS.

However, the Customer is also solely responsible for the installation and configuration of additional services and other software.

EuroVPS shall provide the Customer with licences for Microsoft software, in particular for Windows Server, by means of a framework agreement with Microsoft for multiple licences volume licence contractif the Customer uses EuroVPS hosting services and the provision of such software for use on the server has been agreed upon.

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The Customer hereby assures EuroVPS that it will comply with the licence conditions for the use of the software. In particular, this includes the Customer only purchasing licences for the use of Microsoft software on the server via the EuroVPS volume licence contract.

The Customer shall not use any unlicensed software or software which has not been properly licensed on the server. If the Customer breaches the licence conditions, it must reimburse EuroVPS in respect of the losses incurred as a result. To this extent, EuroVPS is entitled in particular to permanently and automatically monitor the licence information concerning Microsoft software on the server by means of corresponding client software.

If the Customer refuses to provide access or if the Customer disrupts the monitoring by the client software, this shall represent cause for premature termination by EuroVPS. EuroVPS will also not check prior to the registration of a domain ordered by the Customer as to whether the said domain affects third party rights. Образцы уже могут быть установлены на компьютере. The samples may already be installed on your computer.

Перед продолжением проверьте следующий каталог по умолчанию. Check for the following default directory before continuing. Этот образец расположен в следующем каталоге. This sample is located in the following directory. Служба описывает операции, выполняемые ею в контракте службы, который она открыто предоставляет как метаданные.

The service describes the operations it performs in a service contract that it exposes publicly as metadata. Служба также содержит код для реализации операций.

The service also contains the code to implement the operations. Клиент содержит определение контракта службы и прокси-класс для доступа к службе. The client contains a definition of the service contract and a proxy class for accessing the service. Hosting a service in IIS or WAS allows the service to be activated automatically when it is accessed for the first time.

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Если вы хотите использовать приступить к работе с примером, размещающего службу в консольном приложении, а не IIS, см. If you would prefer to get started with a sample that hosts the service in a console application instead of IIS, see the Self-Host sample. Служба и клиент указывают данные для доступа в параметрах файла конфигурации, что обеспечивает гибкость при развертывании. The service and client specify access details in configuration file settings, which provide flexibility at the time of deployment.

Эти данные включают определение конечной точки, задающей адрес, привязку и контракт. This includes an endpoint definition that specifies an address, binding, and contract.

Практическое руководство. Предоставление контрактов SOAP- и веб-клиентам | Microsoft Docs

Привязка определяет транспорт и детали обеспечения безопасности, касающиеся доступа к службе. The binding specifies transport and security details for how the service is to be accessed. Служба настраивает среду выполнения на публикацию ее метаданных. The service configures a run-time behavior to publish its metadata. Служба реализует контракт, определяющий шаблон взаимодействия "запрос-ответ". The service implements a contract that defines a request-reply communication pattern.

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Контракт определяется интерфейсом ICalculatorкоторый предоставляет математические операции сложение, вычитание, умножение и деление. The contract is defined by the ICalculator interface, which exposes math operations add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Клиент осуществляет вызовы заданной математической операции, а служба отправляет в ответ результат. The client makes requests to a given math operation and the service replies with the result. Служба реализует контракт ICalculatorопределенный в следующем коде.

The service implements an ICalculator contract that is defined in the following code. Реализация службы вычисляет и возвращает соответствующий результат, как показано в следующем примере кода. Services Web forwarding Parking page.

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