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Domain name redemptions and repossessions are not supported. At this time, we do not support transfers for. At this time, we do not support account changes for.

About .se Domain Names

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If we cannot auto-renew the domain name and you do not manually renew it by the 20th of the month prior to the expiration date, you can attempt to recover it, and there might be a fee to do so.

See Восстановление просроченных доменных имен for more information. For example, if your. If we cannot auto-renew the domain name, you must manually renew it by Sept.

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However, if your. See Как перенести домен в GoDaddy for more information. Due to registry limitations, we cannot add a free year of registration to. For most domain name extensions, transfers take five to seven days from the time you authorize them.

Make Your Own Domain Extension Part 1: What's DNS? & Installing Bind

However, a. See Как перенести домен к другому регистратору for more information. By default, The Internet Infrastructure Foundation adds its own private registration to.

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In the Domain Manager, you can update the administrative, technical, and billing contact information at any time. You can also make limited updates to registrant contact information.

See Изменение контактной информации для домена for more information.

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Any valid nameservers can be used with. You can enter a maximum of five nameservers per domain name. See Изменение DNS-серверов для моих доменов for more information. You can configure a maximum of ten DS records for your.

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