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Microsoft FrontPage manages all directory and subdirectory permissions on your website. If you created custom directories on your website, or you are using another tool to build and or manage your website, switching to FrontPage may cause some difficulties.

It overwrites all of your directory permissions and may make your site unusable. Restricting Web Access to a Directory in Windows IIS6 You can password protect a directory on your Windows hosting account by removing the "Read" directory permission for that directory.

Click Web Hosting. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Manage.

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Select the appropriate existing directory or Create New Directory. If creating a new directory, enter the directory name. Click OK. Select the new directory.

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Click Privacy menu. On the Permissions tab, make sure Web Visible is not selected. Помогла ли вам эта статья?

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Благодарим вас за отзыв. Searches related to Siteground website builder. Siteground Website Builder Reviews: How to build a website in Less than 5 Minutes mohamed nagy 3 years ago. Are you looking for an easier way to create a WordPress website?

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If you want a Darrel Wilson 10 months ago. Get Hosting: Hogan Chua 4 months ago. Get Siteground: Or maybe you always thought it was too hard? That would need to know programming and Register NOW: Get Discounted Hosting Here: Darrel Wilson Year ago. Get SiteGround Hosting: Squarespace www.

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Looking for the Best Website Builder on the market today? It shows how to set up a WordPress website Godaddy comparison? The Breakdown 3 months ago. We actually break our winners down into 3 different categories. The best Web hosting crafted for successful websites Shop SiteGround.

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You take pride in running your business and you want it to succeed. At SiteGround, we help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through high-performance Ecommerce Platform: Learn how to make a beautiful Wordpress Website today No experience required! Make A Business Website, Part 1 of my Tutorial Series in making a WordPress website for your professional services business.

I explain how to sign up for SiteGround hosting and how to Learn how to make an amazing Wordpress website using the free Astra Theme, plugins, stock images!