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We are partnered with NameJet, the premiere aftermarket domain name service with exclusive inventory of some of the most desired expired domains.

At NameJet, you are able to acquire domain names that have just expired from some of the largest domain name registrars. With a stock of thousands of domain names, chances are NameJet has the right domain for you!

At NameJet, enjoy exclusive access to the expired domain inventory of some of the largest domain registrars in the world. Backorder names with a low starting bid, and participate in auctions to get domains at the price that is right for you. Enom allows invisible parent accounts to sub-accounts.

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Someone could take your domain without any notice at all. The moment someone gives you a domain in enom you better push it out to another top level enom account and then maybe even transfer out of enom. Especially if the account is "created for you". Is it common? I have access to this feature.

Big news: Enom switches from NameJet to GoDaddy for expired domains

You can try the following account on eNom, I don't believe there's any indication I have management access. There's a login link for me to "take control". Extend vs restart 3 days later does not strike me as anywhere nearly the same. All bidders will be included with their last accepted bid amount. I don't know. Technical glitches can occur during auctions, I don't think it's necessarily improper of them to repeat the auction after the glitches have been fixed. Only if said glitches were noticed during the auction and you took preventative steps to not notify any winners and explained the situation immediately to all participants.

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After announcing a winner and accepting money the deal is done! If he would have mistakenly put a bid higher than what he wanted would they let him retry? If the shoe were on the other foot, and you lost out on a domain due to their technical glitch I'm sure there would also be uproar.

I can't believe that everyone is falling for the "in fairness to any bidder On the plus side, they no longer have to manage domains at Enom. All domains they win will be added to their GoDaddy accounts. But auctions at GoDaddy can be quite rich.

What Happens When a Domain Expires

Domain investors might end up paying more for domains there than if they same names ran through NameJet. NameJet is getting weaker. Its valuable inventory is now mostly Web.

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Dump move. This is a like self distraction!

.AUCTION Domain Registration

As long as GoDaddy proves that their recent exposure of employee bidding is an isolated incident. Have they hired Rust Consulting yet?

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I used to go on Namejet daily, now it is weekly, and soon might be monthly if that. While GoDaddy is my preferred registrar, this move is likely not a positive for domain investors. This is right on the heels of the employee bidding scandal and on top of years of bidding games GoDaddy in general.

This starts with introducing bidders IDs. GoDaddy has dragged their feet for years on this. There is no longer any valid excuse to not have them.

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