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What happens when a domain expires?

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Помог ли вам данный ответ? Да Нет. Связанные статьи What is an addon domain? How do I create a subdomain?

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Locate and click on the "Subdomains" icon under the "Domains" category How do I create a parked domain? What is a redirect? What is a subdomain? A subdomain is a subsection of a main domain, in this format: All Rights Reserved.

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Next comes the redemption stage ie. Though, the webmaster who owns the domain can still back-order it, but at a much higher price. A domain resides in the Redemption for 30 days before moving onto the next stage.

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The precise span of the redemption period and corresponding charges, varies depending on the TLD. The domain now enters the last phase of the life-cycle called Pending Delete command. The domain stays in this stage for 5 days.

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Домены Регистрация домена Трансфер домена. Бюджетный хостинг Бизнес-хостинг Хостинг для реселлеров. Виртуальные серверы Выделенные серверы. База знаний. Domain Life Cycle It is important to understand the Life cycle of a domain.

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International domains. Auto-Renew Grace Period days. Redemption Grace Period 30 days. Pending Delete 5 days. European Union domain.