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I got a Mbit cable internet. Anyone have a good and tested server host? What are your experiences with ping perfect and low. Which is better even slightly.

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Правила обсуждений. Все права защищены. Admin toolsCustom fieldsUtilitiesWorkflow. Roadmap and launch products customers love — you need an Aha! Top Rated. Cloud Security Compliant. Planning Poker. Continuous integrationProject managementTime trackingWorkflow. Full requirements traceability for smarter, faster QA and Testing inside Jira.

Transform your Jira with the complete Automation, Customisation and Extension solution.

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Create easy to use custom Jira reports, charts and dashboard gadgets. Custom fieldsIntegrationsRepository connectorsSource code. Focus on Work not Passwords. The spotlight is really on public cloud solutions provided by SingleHop.

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If you need a finer solution that will be perfectly adjusted to your needs, try Private Cloud plans offered by this company. However, you need to request a quote to find out the prices for these packages.

The user-friendliness is one of the strongest points of SingleHop. Every one of their plans includes LEAP v3 control panel, which is their own development along with all necessary features.

And one of the best things about LEAP is that you can use it with your mobile apps.

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Thus, cloud control at SingleHop is available anytime and anywhere. Finally, LEAP has several interfaces, which makes it developer-friendly as well. You will also like their server customization tool that you must use before every purchase. SingleHop is a decent company that can meet the requirements of both small and big web projects. They have some pricing and support peculiarities, but the overall image of this company is positive. They have great hardware, solid security features, and many additional services that help make this a trustworthy cloud host.

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