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Once you list your domain with Afternic com, it would be hard not to get it through to the right audience. Afternic com offers an incredible incremental revenue system while your domain is still listed with the website with its parking page feature. Also Read: Bido specializes in offering domain names as desired by its clients.

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The process of reselling is based upon auction listings, affected by customer choices. In fact, on its very first day of auction, Bido had successfully auctioned more than domains that were voted by its audience. Bido reselling process will offer investors more than just monetary benefits from their efforts and by contributing to communal facets.

Since clients bid for the domain of their choice, the reselling value with Bido is also way higher than other domain reselling platforms. Sellers are notified whenever an agreement is reached with a customer and also takes you through an interactive and intuitive payment process. GoDaddy is among the most popular domain marketplaces.

The reselling process takes several forms, ranging from 7-day auctions to premium domain name listing. Consequently, you can always find a better and more profitable way of listing your domain investments. The marketplace is based on the principle of adaptability and that has been the reason for its popularity with both sellers and buyers.

Among all domain auction sites, GoDaddy Premium Listing feature in the top ranks. Pool com is one of the newest additions to the domain reselling marketplace that has been making quite a mark among investors. With a highly decorated history of reselling and its partnership with some of the premium registrars across the globe, pool com makes quite of a sense if you are looking to give maximum exposure to your investment. A 24 x 7 support and an option for live chat make pool com an interesting platform for both buyers and sellers.

Sedo is another incredible domain buying and reselling platform, offering plenty number of ways. You should add IceNap. Skip to content. Domain Auctions: April 21, How It Works Depending on the site they choose, sellers will generally be charged a listing fee and possibly a sales commission.

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Buying Domains at Auction Visit a domain auction website to search domains. Options include: This one also has full websites for sale. Premium domains: Estibot Appraisal: Inventory constantly changes. See if you can figure out why the domain was dropped. Registrant no longer with the company Could offer value to you.

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Email address is no longer valid and not receiving emails about the domain name expiry Could offer value to you. Forgot about owning the domain name. Could offer value to you. Legal reason May not be worth investing in. Place your bid. Use tools such as NameBio. If you win the bid: The seller should contact you to arrange the transfer. Many marketplaces have guides to help you do this.

What is the best domain auction website?

Top 10 Best Domain Marketplaces to Sell your Domain Names in 2019 Reviews

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